Thursday, December 1, 2011

it's the most wonderful { busy } time of the year . . . .

I LOVE Christmas Time! Especially now that I have kids. I  have enjoyed getting to tell Owen about Santa {he is still not so sure about him though, he doesn't like men in hats with beards...} and also crack up every time he puts baby Jesus into his toy train for a ride.

I also love Christmas because I get to photograph SO MANY beautiful families! The hardest part is waiting to  blog a bout them since I don't want to  spoil their super cute Christmas Card pictures! So,  since I can't post  pictures quite yet I will show you newest idea. CHRISTMAS CARDS!!

This year I began designing Christmas Card templates. Some of my clients were looking for an extra special way to display their photographs  from our photo session together. So, I began to design a few and then the creative juices just started flowing! {I always love when that happens!!} 

Want to know the BEST PART?!? I am offering TWO FREE 5x7 card template for you right here! You can simply add your own photo and print! Print it at home, or send it away to be printed. You just have to order it as a 5x7 photo.

You can check out more of my card templates on my ETSY !


To download: Click on either image below and it will open in it's own window. Right click and choose "save image as" and save it somewhere on your computer. Open it up in a photo editing software like Picassa{free} or Photoshop and add your own photo!

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