Friday, February 17, 2012

Squishy Newborn Photography

One of my favorite things to photograph are NEWBORNS! They are so tiny and peaceful. I especially love it when they are SQUISHY! It takes all of my self control to not just squeeze their little (or sometime huge) cheeks. If they have cheeks hats with ear flaps are a MUST. The ear flaps just accentuate their squishy face and makes them even more amazing. Their squishy lips. Oh MAN! Babies with squishy lips are amazing! You just want to kiss them (don't worry, I wont be kissing your baby when I photograph them....I thankfully have my own babies to smooch on)!
This little guy was no acception to the squishyness. Squishy cheeks AND squishy lips! His parents must kiss him ALL DAY LONG. I know I would if he was my kid.