Wednesday, May 2, 2012

from out of town | Emily Strawn Photography

Let me start off by saying "I LOVE MY CLIENTS!". I really do! Most of my work is from referrals. I love hearing about how they called me as soon as they saw the photos I had taken for their friend. I have even started offering my current clients a discount when they refer me! (check out the specials section on the blog for more info!)
So, I am always a little surprised (an excited) when a new client fins me simply by searching the Internet! That is exactly how this family found me! They were in town for 3 months visiting family and friends and wanted to get some family pictures done. The best part? They are from SWITZERLAND! Sweet! My first international client! I was THRILLED!
She had a onesie for her daughter. It was in French, but it says "It wasn't me who took the chocolate". So we had some fun with that at the end of our shoot!