Tuesday, August 14, 2012

being THREE is SUPER!

Being THREE really is super! I think three is a very fun age, and that is why this session is NOTHING BUT FUN!! I wanted it to really represent who he is and what he loves at this age. What little boy doesn't love to be a super hero? Running around fighting bad guys with his mighty fly swatter. Owen LOVES his red cowboy boots and will wear them any chance he gets. He also recently became potty trained, so the underpants were a GREAT way to show that off! I love that this photo shoot represents HIM and his wonderful FUN personality! We had a FANTASTIC time playing!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our little roo is ONE!

I am still in shock than an entire year has passed by! How can my little roo be ONE?! Well he is, and what a CUTIE PIE! This kid is spunky, lovable, silly and full of smiles. I was could not wait to get to do a fun styled session with him. I got some disguise glasses at the 99 cent store (you know, those ones with the mustache and nose attached!). Popped out the lenses, took off the nose and they were perfect! I had my mother-in-law make him the cutest onesie EVER! She is great at sewing and it fit him PERFECTLY! I then grabbed a few old book and some balloons!
Here is what we got:

I am rather pleased with the outcome. What do you think?!