Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Tree Mini Sessions

I have been going CRAZY wanting to post all of these wonderful photos for you!! But I couldn't post them and risk showing off someone's cute pictures before they sent out their Christmas Cards!!
So..I have decided that I have waited long enough. If you don't have your Christmas (or by now New Year's) cards out...well....sorry :)

The Christmas Tree Mini Sessions were a BLAST!! This was the first year for them and they were VERY popular! There were a limited number of spots and they booked up in less than 72 hours!! It was a busy afternoon, but it was SO FUN!! The kids did great, and I had lots of Candy Canes to bribe the ones that had a rough time! :)  I am happy that I was able to provide so many people with cute family pictures for their Christmas Cards. I can't wait until next Christmas!

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